When your media fails, you need fast help from a professional data recovery company. Never take any actions that could overwrite your files or contribute to physical media damage. Shut down your device as soon as you notice failure symptoms, and contact us right away! #EARE #DataRecovery #TrusTheExperts

When we lose precious information, whether to a system crash or to hackers, it can feel like we are losing parts of our lives. That’s why keeping our data safe and sound is serious business.
1. Use proactive software protection
2. Use a firewall
3. Be cautious of suspicious emails from unknown sources
4. Steer clear of websites of ill repute
5. Keep your operating system updated


“Hypermedia Limited had suffered a crashed raid array in it’s 8tb Buffalo Link Station Pro Qaud. We faced the complete loss of over 4tb of company data, as no company in Dar Es Salaam was able to recover it for us. However having seen the services of data recovery offered by East Africa Recovery Experts… Read more “Hypermedia”

Eric Sikilo - Director of Operations
Hypermedia Ltd Tanzania


“East Africa Recovery Experts helped when our RAID Configured NAS Storage became non-accessible after a power surge, we were happy to find that East Africa Recovery Experts, who evaluated the recoverability of the NAS and provide a price estimate to recover the data. The estimated cost of recovery given to us by East Africa recovery… Read more “Millward”

Kevin Kiereni
Millward Brown E.A Ltd


I am writing to confirm that we engaged the said company for initial setup for hardware and general advice in IT structures over a period of 3 months. During this time, they delivered what was required with no issue. I would be happy to recommend the said company for the services that we engage them… Read more “Dafabet”

Louis Watts - Managing Director
Dafabet Kenya

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As long as you’re connected to the Internet, you can become a victim of cyber attacks. Cyber security threats should be treated with caution. You may not be a millionaire (yet) or a C-level manager, but that doesn’t mean that you’re protected against a potential hacker attack.

If your business has experienced a crash or computer failure, or if you have lost sensitive data on your home computer such as pictures of your wedding, kids, family, contact us immediately. Do not attempt to recover the data yourself, as you risk losing information that can only be recovered by professionals using special equipment

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