Data Recovery Congo

The East Africa Recovery Experts are the best data recovery engineers in the region having very good ratio of recovering data. If your data is on the drive, may it be computer, Laptop, RAID or external drive, we will bring the data back in all situations.

We run a free diagnosis to determine if your data is recoverable or not. After diagnosing the storage device, at no charge, our clients will receive a price quote for their recovery case. This free diagnosis will determine the recovery costs, the time frame needed to complete the recovery and a report explaining the nature of the failure.

Once our clients approve the free evaluation results, and after we finalize the data recovery process, as part of the verification of a successful recovery, a list of files will be presented to our clients so they can identify the critical files. We will then provide the recovered data on an alternative storage device of the customer’s choosing and ship it back safely and securely.


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