Laptop and Mobile Tracking

Laptop and Mobile Tracking

Laptop and Mobile Devices theft is a significant threat to users as well as loss of data resulting from theft not to mention identity theft from such cases.

The Solution we provide is an anti-theft tracking software for your laptops, phones and tablets that lets you remotely locate, lock, wipe and recover it if ever stolen, or simply missing. You do this by logging into a web platform where you can also trigger actions like sounding an alarm or show an onscreen message to let the thief know you’re after him

tracking laptops kenya

How does it work?

Basically you install a tiny agent on your laptops, tablets or phones, which silently waits for a remote signal to wake up and work its magic.

This signal is sent from a hosted web service whenever you wish to gather information or trigger an action, like locking down the device and mark the device as stolen or missing.

The software must be installed to a device and activated with the account for the tracking to be possible.

Platforms supported
Android 2+, iOS 4.3+, Mac OSX Tiger and up, Windows XP, Win 7, Wins 8 and most flavours of Linux.

Laptop tracking services Kenya

  • You will be able to remote control the device through the software account online.
  • You can add upto 500 devices depending on the account plan.
  • You can get reports about the missing device every 2 minutes ie location, screenshots, snapshots etc
  • It shows map located of the device through gps, IP Address and available wifi networks
  • It takes photos using the Laptop webcam or front and back Camera if it’s a Mobile Phone every 2 minutes so you can easily see who is using it.
  • It gives you an option of doing a factory reset and erasing all data if it’s sensitive.
  • It allows you lock the screen with a password remotely
  • For mobile devices, it allows you to change the screen unlock password, Monitor screen-unlock pattern, monitor number of incorrect password typed and Lock the screen


  1. Peter Kaguara says:

    I lost my laptop a couple of days ago and am having trouble locating it. I need help locating it. I have its serial number and I was told it could aid in its recovery. Please advice me on what to do.Am currently in Nairobi and would greatly need your assistance. You can contact me on 0717 827 216.

    1. Winnie says:

      hallo my laptop was stollen today in town please help me locate it 0724841632

  2. Kelvin says:

    Help me truck my stolen phone…samsung s5 i hve the imei with there a way to do so.if there is please no. 0726836348

  3. Mark says:

    My laptop was stolen from my house 3days ago help me trace and recover it. Please contact me through 0714720729. I will be waiting.

  4. Simon Mbai says:

    I lost my phone yesterday in the evening… I have the IME and serial number. Kindly help me track it. My number is 0701650942

  5. Wyclefmungai says:

    Haloo my phone was stolen my infinix hot 4 0722119941.kindly help

  6. isaac says:

    I lost my phone yesterday samsung galaxy prime plus,,, please contact me on 0726782519

  7. Patrick kyalo says:

    I was robbed of my laptop a few weeks ago in town and would appreciate any assistance 0717555127.

  8. Victor says:

    help me track a stolen laptop. i av the serial no… 0738859678

  9. Lareen says:

    hey so my laptop was stolen today from my house…its a dell please help me recover it…contact me on 0708498436 the laptop is a dell

  10. Gilbert says:

    I lost my Toshiba laptop a day ago by I have the serial me recover it,your assistance will be appreciated-0723331923

  11. Cynthia says:

    hey my laptop was stolen from my house I have the serial number please help me track it my number is 0705054644

  12. Sally Oriwo says:

    I lost my HP laptop kindly help me recover it contact me on 0706412934 .please

  13. ZOE A. MULLER says:

    Hi my hp laptop was stollen from my house. I have the charger please help me recover it because it’s holding my office.
    Call me pls 0719406054

  14. Winnie says:

    hy help me locate my stolen laptop 0724841632

  15. monicah says:

    help me track my laptop it was stolen from my room today I have the serial number please am in Nakuru….0723029773

  16. Davis says:

    Lost my laptop hp Pavilion today, contact me through 0774105282

  17. my samsung tablet was stolen from me in town… how can i find it back..please help me…have all the credentials needed for tracking it… my phone number is 0716087798.

  18. hello there? my samsung galaxy tab(2016) was stolen from in town.please help me get it back…have the box and everything needed for tracking… holla me with this number 0716087798.thenks

  19. joy says:

    kindly help me locate my missing laptop stolen from my house in nakuru..hp elite willing to pay anything to recover it..0719470833

  20. Caroline says:

    Hey there,My laptop was stolen a few days ago in mombasa
    please help me track it,I have the serial number and I also have an OB number from the police,please contact me 0718482705

  21. Monica says:

    My laptop was stolen yesterday. Kindly help me locate it.

  22. Christian says:

    hey….how much do you charge to track a lost phone…my number is 0706708671

  23. Walela says:

    Hello,i need your service please, i lost my phone and i have an IMEI No.

  24. steve says:

    I was robbed my laptop yesterday in town..please if you can @0740459940

  25. Kathie says:

    hi my laptop got stolen yesterday in Nakuru help me find it please . Contact me on 0736710552

  26. John says:

    What do I need for you to track my laptop and phone?

  27. Admin says:

    Kindly note that, the tracking software has to be installed in the Laptop or Mobile Phone before it’s lost. It is always important to have such a software so that tracking can be made possible in case of theft etc.

  28. ERIC says:

    hello my phone was stolen this morning what do i need for you to help me recover it please??

  29. Joash Mosoti says:

    Hello…I am Joash from Mombasa Kenya, today morning my bag containing my laptop was stolen. Please can I truck it. Contact me if their be any help.
    Phone: +254715069075.

  30. David says:

    My laptop was stolen yesterday at Nairobi I have the serial number please conduct me 0721634959

  31. mazemu Wilber says:

    i lost my phone is there any way i can find it please this is my number

  32. Maureen Muthoni says:

    Hi am Maureen and robbers broke into our hostel and stole most of our electronics my dell inspiron being one of them around karatina main campus . If you could please help me track it I would be grateful.

  33. Joseph Nyakado says:

    Help me track my hp 250 laptop i lost today while travelling from Nairobi to Narok. Kindly help me recover it if possible. Contacts: 0702214456

  34. Bibian says:

    Hello kindly help me track my lost laptop and phone I have the serial number and imei .contact me 0707623630.

  35. Sammy Simiyu says:

    Hello am Sammy simiyu, my phone has been stollen and I dont know ho to recover it help me please, I have the Imei number with me. call me through 0707919325

  36. Admin says:


    Kindly note that, the tracking software has to be installed in the Laptop or Mobile Phone before it’s lost. It is always important to have such a software so that tracking can be made possible in case of theft etc.

    It is not possible to track the lost device if the tracking device wasn’t installed.


    EARE Team.

    1. Sheila says:

      I lost my phone on Thursday 3rd May 2018. My sim card is still in my phone. I had installed the software in my phone. Contact me on 0722832944.

  37. Fred says:

    how much do you charge for the software installation?

  38. flavia obanyi says:

    I lost my phone today please help me find it.0701747887

  39. Peter matee says:

    My phone Techno phantom 6plus was stolen please help me to track I have IMEI contact me through 0714915922

  40. Abdul Salaam says:

    Hello. I lost my laptop just recently
    And I have the IMEI,could I be able to retrieve it.

  41. Morris says:

    I lost my smartphone yesterday please help me track it. I have my IMEI. Contact me through 0723755103

    1. Morris says:

      Sorry my phone no is 0723655103

  42. Joe says:

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Can my lost HP laptop be retrived for me?

  43. Joe says:

    Can my lost HP laptop be retrived for me?

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