How Cyber Attacks such as Ransomware could affect Electronic Voting.

The use of information and telecommunication technology in electoral processes is essential in promoting efficiency. Its effectiveness is however, compromised by its susceptibility to cyber-attacks such as ransomware. Electronic voting otherwise known as e-voting encompasses a variety of online platforms to aid the conveying of data to and from the electoral commission. E-voting opponents argue […]

Ransomware misfit economy, the new challenge to Business Sustainability in Kenya and Africa.

The advancement of technology has influenced the world in many positive ways. It has simplified communication for individuals and relatives across the world; Social media has enabled people to be up to date with information. Mobile phones have enhanced connectivity among people. From the business angle, technology has opened up markets and enabled more collaboration […]

What you need to know about the data protection bill 2018 – Kenya

THE DATA PROTECTION BILL, 2018 Bill for AN ACT of Parliament to give effect to Article 31(c) and (d) of the Constitution; to promote the protection of personal data; to regulate the manner in which personal data may be processed; to provide persons with rights and remedies to protect their personal data; and to regulate […]

What is the difference between SHR and RAID?

Synology Hybrid RAID or SHR, has been around for a long time now, and however it has not had the huge effect that Synology NAS’ Btrfs file system has, it is as yet an expanding well-known decision for some with regards to ensuring their equipment and their information in a Hard Drive enclosure. The two […]

What Happens When Hard Disk Fails in RAID 5

We are going to look at what happens when a disk happens to fails in RAID 5? How many disks can fail in RAID 5? Raid basically means Redundant Array of Independent Disk. It’s a system that enables you to increase reliability. It allows you to combine many physical disk into an array to work […]

What are the benefits of using raid 3 in a backup application

Definition – What is the meaning of RAID 3? RAID 3 is a type of Raid (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) that strips the byte level and store dedicated parity bits on another distinguished drive. Just like RAID 2, RAID 3 must have a special controller that enables synchronized spinning of all the disk drives. Instead […]

Can erased data be recovered?

What does Deleted File Recovery mean? Recovering deleted files is the process of retrieving and restoring files or data that was deleted either via accident, maliciously, virus infection. This process makes it possible for the user to get their data back from their device. Devices that data can be deleted from include, server, hard drives, […]

How long does data recovery take?

Your computer systems happened to crash, your most valuable data is gone and you’re looking to get all your data back…if this is you then you may be asking: how long does data recovery take? In most cases, data recovery takes approximately 3 to 5 days. However, the time it may take will depend with […]

How to recover deleted files from nas drive?

NAS Data Recovery NAS are reliable storage storages. However, they still can fail. If you cannot access your data from the NAS, you can try to recover the data using special NAS recovery softwares. Generally, NAS data recovery involves removing the disks from the NAS, numbering them, Imaging them, then connecting the images to a […]

How to get files off a raid hard drive | RAID Data Recovery

What does RAID Data Recovery mean? RAID data recovery is the process of retrieving and restoring data from a RAID storage device such as NAS, Servers, SAN etc Data recovery experts use a combination of automated and manual data recovery processes to extract and recover data from one or more RAID drives and storage components. […]

What is data recovery techniques? Advanced data recovery techniques.

After you format a hard disk or delete your data, your data isn’t really lost. The file system just governs the data’s entry. For instance, when you delete some files in Windows and empty the recycle bin, the machine leaves the storage area of these files also just removes these files’ pointer be accessible. Data […]

What Is Data Recovery And How Does It Work?

We’ve all handled data loss, whether it was deleting a file or from the hard drive failure. You’ve probably wondered about data recovery does this function if you’ve ever experienced a loss of data? How effective will it be? How much does it cost? We attempted to seek out. Data Loss and Data Recovery Data […]

Why Choose East Africa Recovery Experts Data Recovery Service?

From the start, East Africa Recovery Experts’s data retrieval lab has always been about putting data recovery for all of us, not just huge corporations. East Africa Recovery Experts pioneered free shipping, free evaluations, and financially secure for its clients, by corporate IT departments to a mom and daddy who’ve only lost years’ worth of […]

What Primary Factors Affect Data Recovery Cost?

Hourly expertise: The size of this data retrieval business and small talent pool makes the industry highly competitive. The rate for a data recovery professional in Kenya typically costs anywhere from Kenya Shilling 3,000 to Kenya Shilling 30,000 per hour depending on educational background of the engineer, skill, and the place. Replacement Parts: An Expert […]

What East Africa Recovery Experts Data Recovery Prices Might Look Like.

Data retrieval prices are dependent on a number of things, for example how dire the problem together along with your storage apparatus is (if you deleted data out of this, the apparatus gets a slight collapse, or so the apparatus gets an acute failure), exactly what its complete capacity would be, just exactly how complex […]

Why a Flat-Rate Data Recovery Cost Doesn’t Make Sense.

The fee of a data retrieval case has to also adequately cover the total cost of the data retrieval labour itself, development and research, assorted facilities such as cleanroom facilities, paying its workers’ and managers’ wages, and also keeping the lights . Like any company in any industry, if a professional data recovery laboratory can […]

Why a Per-Gigabyte Data Recovery Cost Doesn’t Make Sense

Looking at all of the variables that a skilled data recovery lab must take into consideration, it’s also simple to see why a flat-rate data retrieval cost doesn’t really pan out in real life as well. The one difference between the two cases is in how much machine time it takes to pull the data […]

Data Recovery Costs: Why Cheaper Isn’t Necessarily Better

Data recovery that is professional is something of a market industry–most people don’t know about it until they need it. As a result, those who need their information recovered do not understand when they go shopping for data recovery options what to anticipate for a price. Sadly, this can sometimes cause people to select unrealistically […]

How much does it cost to repair a hard drive?

The expense of professional services varies wildly based on how much of work it requires to find the drive back to a functional or near-functional state. This might be as simple as replacing its circuit board, or as hard as removing and rigorously polishing its hard disk platters. East Africa Recovery Experts provides free in-lab […]

Can files be recovered from a failed hard drive?

There’s no need to despair In case you have a failed hard disk. A professional data recovery lab has the abilities and resources to repair many kinds of neglected storage media, including hard disk drives, and salvage the information. Specialist data recovery labs have very large success rates in a broad range of data loss […]

How much does it cost for data recovery?

All data retrieval cases are different, and the price of a data retrieval case may fluctuate wildly depending on the situation. The dimensions of the hard disk and also the severity of the damage the drive has endured have a large impact on the amount of work a data recovery professional needs to have the […]

5 worrisome ransomware attack incidents in 2019

Ransomware attacks and what 5 big companies have lost because of the attack Ransomware was esteemed one of the greatest malware dangers of 2018, and it keeps on disturbing the activities of organizations and the day by day lives of people everywhere throughout the world in 2019. The 2019 ransomware scene is very assorted – […]

Reasons why your camera takes pictures by itself and how to safeguard your privacy

REASONS WHY YOUR CAMERA TAKES PICTURES BY ITSELF AND HOW TO SAFEGUARD YOUR PRIVACY. Hypothetical Scenario Take a scenario your smartphone takes a picture of you when you thought the camera was off, and forwarded the images to some unauthorised entities. Now take the scenario on surveillance, laptop webcams and monitoring devices such as baby […]

The Current state of Cyber Security in Kenya.

The current state on Kenya in readiness to cyber security poses room for improvement, incidence response management and the ability to proactively, ensure business continuity after an attack. Data has been the one of the new organizations most valued assets and its loss may result to customer in-satisfaction and organizations such as the East Africa […]

Basic hard drive check for data recovery professionals

The next steps can save beginner users from making mistakes when working on user drives. 1. Hold that drive with your hand and carefully shake it from side to side, and then listen if there are any moving parts bouncing inside. Powering the drive in this situation is dangerous, since it may lead to platter […]

How to recover quickbooks data from hard drive

RECOVER LOST DATA WITH QUICKBOOKS AUTO DATA RECOVERY One of the most heartbreaking things to happen to a company is the loss of their QuickBooks data. This only happens when there was no backup of the file created, which is probably the fault of the one working on it, as the file should be backed […]


By definition, cloud backup computing solutions involve the practice and application of computer expertise in connecting personal computers to network servers by the use internet capability to secure data. It can be a primary or a secondary measure. The clouds have the capacity to process, manage and store data that can be easily retrieved by […]

Recover lost or deleted files

RECOVERING LOST OR DELETED FILES ON WINDOWS There are times you may search for a file/folder on your windows computer and can’t seem to find it, probably because you may have accidentally deleted it. There are several ways you can restore those files, either from previous versions, also known as shadow copies or from a […]

Getting the Best Data Recovery

Since the computer software can be used with many devices, you don’t need to buy computer software for each of your devices and because of this you save plenty of money. Data recovery software is vital for both property and business users. In this case, it is one of the tangible ways of recovering data. […]

Top Data Recovery Secrets

Disaster recovery needs to be planned much ahead of time. When the recovery is completed, some centers also give post-recovery customer services. Data recovery may be a simple task when you have access to the correct tools and techniques. Data recovery, generally, may be a costly procedure. Simply put, it is expensive because it is […]

Facts, Fiction and Data Recovery

If you take advantage of a data recovery program to attempt to recover your data, then you might have to try several data recovery program. Various data recovery programs may supply you with various outcomes. You don’t wish to install and attempt to use a data recovery program that was made to be used by […]

The Ultimate Strategy to Data Recovery

A lot of people expect their file has gone forever in this kind of situation. You’re able to restore a lot of the files in this way. Besides this, you may check the file which you want to save using the file filtering system which permits you to choose the type of data which you […]

Introducing Data Recovery

Backup data may get irrecoverable for many reasons, including incorrect backup practices. As long as the data hasn’t been overwritten, this computer software will be able to help you to recoup the data in a jiffy. You generally observe that once you lose data, it’s been lost forever. You are likely able to see now […]


RECOVERING LOST OR DELETED FILES ON WINDOWS There are times you may search for a file/folder on your windows computer and can’t seem to find it, probably because you may have accidentally deleted it. There are several ways you can restore those files, either from previous versions, also known as shadow copies or from a […]


HOW TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT ON WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM How to take a screenshot remains one of the most frequently asked questions. Whether you’re running Windows XP or the brand-new Windows 10 operating system, these are all the ways you can take a screenshot: Windows XP There are only two ways to take a screenshot […]

Why CEOs shouldn’t ignore the Human Factor in Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks have been very common nowadays even though there has been an improvement in technology to enhance security systems. Hackers have been able to access company data and use it for malicious purposes due to exploiting vulnerabilities in the systems. Big organizations such as Yahoo, Sony, JP Morgan have been victims of cyber-attacks which has […]


HOW TO RECOVER RAID RAID (redundant array of independent disks; originally redundant array of inexpensive disks) provides a way of storing the same data in different places (thus, redundantly) on multiple hard disks (though not all RAID levels provide redundancy). By placing data on multiple disks, input/output (I/O) operations can overlap in a balanced way, […]


HOW TO SETUP RAID 5 Of all the RAID levels that consumers are likely to use on their home systems, RAID 5 is one of the more exotic choices. While RAID 0 and 1 are pretty straightforward, RAID 5 is a little more complex. As we discussed in earlier articles, RAID 0 stripes data across […]


HOW TO SETUP RAID 1 RAID Level 1 can also be referred to as a mirrored array of hard drives. Mirroring is implemented when fault tolerance is desired. Fault tolerance is the ability of the data contained in the array to remain intact if one of the drives fails. In a mirrored array, all of […]


HOW TO SETUP RAID 0 RAID has several “levels” that use drives in different ways. Level 0 (RAID 0) spreads or “stripes” data between two or more drives. The problem with striping data across drives is that when things go wrong, they go really wrong: If a single hard drive in a RAID 0 array […]


HOW TO RECOVER QUICKBOOKS ADMIN PASSWORD When using QuickBooks Desktop, you’re always signed in as a specific user. QuickBooks normally sets up an Admin account first time you install and set it up. Any other user is normally set up by the Admin. Security updates and other unforeseen circumstances may lead you to reset your […]


HOW TO RECOVER DELETED FILES FROM THE RECYCLE BIN The main reason why this tool is called recycle bin and not a shredder is that you can easily restore the files in it as long as you have not emptied it yet. Restoring deleted files from the Recycle Bin in Windows should only take a […]

How to recover data from external hard drive

RECOVERING DATA FROM AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE External Hard Drives have become quite common due to their easy portability and convenience, as you can store your critical data on them and access them on the go. However, as a data recovery experts we have noted that the largest portion of cases brought in to our […]

How to recover data from itunes backup

RECOVERING DATA FROM CLOUD BACKUP ON IOS For IOS users, there are two options of backing up your data on the cloud, you can either use ICloud or ITunes. Learn how to restore data from either of the two below: Restore your device from an iCloud backup Turn on your device. You should see a […]

How to recover iphone password

RECOVERING A FORGOTTEN IPHONE PASSWORD If you input a wrong passcode in your iPhone, iPod touch or your iPad six times in a row, you’ll be locked out of your device and a message notifying you that your device is disabled. For you to restore your device, you will need to erase your device using […]

How to recover files hidden by a virus on a Memory Card or Flash Drive

RECOVERING DOCUMENTS HIDDEN BY A VIRUS IN A STORAGE MEDIA Computer viruses are quite common these days, but they vary depending on the actual harm they do to your computer. There’s a specific virus that tends to hide data and displays it as shortcuts.  This virus is mainly known to attack external storage drives i.e. […]


EASY STEPS TO TAKE WHEN YOUR MOBILE PHONE DROPS IN WATER Do not switch on the phone or try to charge it as this will cause the phone to short circuit damaging the phone more than it was when you got it out of the water. Remove all detachable parts from the phone i.e. the […]


Ransomware: Type of malware (malicious software) that locks your computer screen and prevents you from accessing your files and asks you to pay a certain fee (ransom) for you to get back and control over your computer. These malware sometimes come in the form of a fake antivirus installer which when clicked into the computer […]


DATA RECOVERY PRICING It’s common for users in need of data recovery services to contact us with enquiries on how much it costs to perform data recovery. We do our best to indicate a price guideline based on the symptoms described but this may only be an estimate and not the actual price. It is […]


DATA RECOVERY IN EAST AFRICA Data loss can be very detrimental to any individual user or company especially in East Africa whereby companies are growing at a very promising rate. Companies tend to save all their data in raidserverswhich are no exception to failure. In event of failure of these servers whereby there are no […]


10 THINGS NOT TO DO TO A FAILING OR FAILED HARD DISK DRIVE When your hard drive fails or is about to fail, there are several things that come to one’s mind on how to try and salvage the data that was in the hard disk drive. Most of these things end up causing more damage to […]

Signs that your Laptop is about to experience data loss

SIGNS THAT YOUR LAPTOP IS LIKELY TO EXPERIENCE DATA LOSS Losing very vital data is not fun at all, trust me, I have seen the face that many of the guys have when they come with a case of data loss and it’s heartbreaking. Fortunately there are several warning signs that may give you an […]


RAID SYSTEMS RAID stands for Redundant Array OF Independent Discs, which is a data storage technology that combines multiple physical disk drives into a single logical unit for the purpose of data redundancy or even both.   TYPES OF RAID SYSTEMS 1) Software RAID: RAID system that doesn’t require a dedicated hardware RAID controller. The […]


Why Data Recovery Is So Important? Data Recovery typically refers to the Restoration of data to a desktops, laptop, server, or external Storage system from a backup. Because Data is the heart of the Enterprise, it’s crucial for you to protect it. And to protect your Organization’s Data, you need to implement a Data Recovery […]


WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN YOUR RAID 5 SYSTEM FAILS If you’re reading this then you probably know that there are different types of RAID systems and if not the following link will assist you to comprehend it better: . With that issue out of the way,we will focus mainly on the RAID 5 system which […]


Have you Lost Data? Your Next Steps are very Crucial! To avoid permanent data loss, follow these simple steps: If your hard drive is making clicking, grinding or whirring sounds, shut down the drive or your computer immediately. These sounds could be the read/write heads hitting or scraping the hard disk platters. Severe or complete data loss could […]


10 THINGS NOT TO DO TO A FAILING OR FAILED HARD DISK DRIVE When your hard drive fails or is about to fail, there are several things that come to one’s mind on how to try and salvage the data that was in the hard disk drive. Most of these things end up causing more damage to […]

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