Cyber Security

Cyber Security


Cyber Security has become very important in Today’s business world and personal privacy due to increased cyber attacks that cause harm to businesses leading to loss of revenue and to individuals due to privacy concerns.

Cyber attacks have become targeted and today’s hackers don’t do it just to prove a point or just to look cool, they do it to extort money or steal valuable data that can be sold. Some attacks are privately sponsored while some are government sponsored. In most cases, it’s very hard to know where the attacks are coming from until it’s too late.

We provide managed security services that help companies detect & respond to threats and breaches. Talk to our cyber security experts that offer technology and intelligence to defend your network, data and systems from attacks.

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Common of Cyber Attacks

  • Ransomware Attacks

This is a new type of malicious software/malware that is designed for the sole purpose of denying access to files until a payment is made via cryptocurrency ie bitcoin. In some cases it can threaten to publish the victim’s data or permanently delete the data unless the ransomware is paid

  • Phishing and Social Engineering Attacks

This is where a hacker tricks the user into opening links, attachments that are infected with malware that enable the hacker acquire sensitive data or infect the systems. Phishing is one of the easiest ways to breach a company’s security since emails always appear to be from trusted sources.

  • Denial-of-service attack

Denial of service attacks hurt targeted businesses by flooding web servers with requests – interrupting your normal users connecting. This means website downtime, disappointed customers, reputation damage etc. This is usually a distraction that allows cyber attackers to break into the systems while it focuses on restoring its website.

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks

A Man in the middle attack is where an hackers change the communication between two users, impersonating both victims to manipulate them and gain access to their data. This is also know as known as eavesdropping attacks. This mostly happens when a hacker installs a malicious software on a device or is able to access an unsecured network due to weak passwords etc.


Preventing Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks can cause significant disruption and damage to even the most resilient organisation. It’s important to prevent attacks as they say ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

  • Training

Informed employees are your first line of defense. Invest in proper training often to keep up with the changes in how attacks are being done.

  •  SSL Certificates

Make sure you use SSL certificates (HTTPS, not just HTTP) to enhance security and improve user trust in your websites.

  • Policies and Protocols

Come up with a clear guideline on how systems and data is accessed, password enforcement, account lockout and restrictions etc

  • Keeping Systems Upto date.

Keep your systems upto date and install a reliable antivirus for your systems.

  • VPN

Setup a vpn to add an additional layer of security for your wifi and other networks.

Regular penetration testing, sophisticated social engineering, strong passwords and in-depth user awareness training are all crucial parts of an on-going cyber security assessment programme, putting you in a far better position to create actionable steps to mitigate unwanted threats and make a real difference to your cyber security posture.

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